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The Iron Workers Union actively participates in Helmets to Hardhats- a national job and job training facilitation program open to men and women who have completed their military service and are returning to the civilian workforce.

The skills an individual developed in the military may qualify that candidate for advanced standing in the Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program or qualify him or her as a journeyman immediately.

Generally, candidates enter the trade through an Apprenticeship Training Program and start working, learning and earning right away. G.I. Bill education benefits may also supplement earnings and add hundreds of dollars to an apprentice ironworker’s paycheck.

The District Council of Texas and the Mid-South greatly respects and appreciates the discipline, determination and hard work our military men and women have demonstrated while serving in the Armed Forces. These same qualities are great assets on the job and the Iron Workers Union welcomes those of you who have an interest in a career as a union ironworker. It is tough. It is challenging. It is a career you will be proud of having - let’s talk!

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"…we try to reach the young people coming back from the service and give them a place to come and work - and build a family."

Ira L. Crofford,
Business Manager
Local Union No. 482, Austin, TX
30-year union ironworker and father of a West Point graduate

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